Protect your digital credentials from the Dark Web

Beneath the World Wide Web you know and love is a hidden realm of stolen data, illegal activity, and anonymity. This realm is known as the Dark Web, and for a company that stores personal data about your customers, it can be your worst nightmare. It is said that the Dark Web is more than 500 times the size of the web that is searchable by Google, and it is where criminals go to gain access to data that allows them to steal identities, money, and more. It is scary to think about, but with Dark Web ID and Systems Integration, you can put your nightmares to rest.

What is Dark Web ID?

Dark Web ID is your defense against online criminals. By combining sophisticated intelligence software with expert human analysis, it is able to search even the deepest corners of the Dark Web to find any at-risk data associated with your company. This proprietary software notifies you instantly if anything suspicious arises, so you can put a halt to it before you have to face the consequences of a data breach, identify theft, or other crime.

Why protecting your data from the Dark Web is important

If someone is able to gain access to credentials associated with your organization, it could result in identity theft of your employees or customers. It could also lead to a data breach of your confidential corporate intel. This isn’t just a terrible experience for the people personally involved; it can lead to a PR disaster for your company. It could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to redeem yourself, not to mention how much business you could lose.

What you get with Dark Web ID

Dark Web ID’s mission is to help you identify and diminish cyber threats before they become an issue. As a Dark Web ID customer, you will get:

  • Constant scouring of the Dark Web for any data that is associated with your organization, and instant alerts if something is found
  • Seamless tracking of incidents to help you take proactive steps to reduce your risk going forward
  • Invaluable insight into both your current threat level and the threat level of your peers so you can see how you compare
  • Important monitoring of your entire supply chain, including vendors and third-party partners, to see if they pose a risk to your company
  • Actionable data that allows you to reassure your customers you are taking steps to protect their personal information

Don’t wait until the damage is done

Once the data is stolen, it is already too late. With Dark Web ID on your side, you get the nonstop monitoring and immediate notifications your company needs to ensure your confidential data stays safe from the depths of the Dark Web. As your Software as a Service provider, we can set up your business with Dark Web ID and take care of end user management and reporting, so you just have to worry about protecting your company. To learn more about what Dark Web ID can do for you, contact us today.

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