IT Support for Connecticut Businesses

Technology solutions to reduce costs and accelerate growth

Managed IT

Our cost-efficient managed IT services will help your business increase its output. It’ll allow you to focus more energy on your core business while relying on predictable budgeting. Protect your business with world-class security for your data and network.

Project IT

Systems Integration can help you with all IT-related projects. Our project specialists will quickly answer your questions and affordably implement your latest project, whether you need a new Microsoft Exchange Server installed, have questions about the benefits of virtualization, or other.

Protecting Your Business Is Our Business

Since 1992, Systems Integration (SII) has proudly served Connecticut as the leading provider of technology solutions for small and mid-size businesses. We are experts at designing and implementing computer networks that allow businesses the highest level of security, collaboration, and reliability. And because no two businesses are identical, we conduct total business assessments in order to understand the specific goals, objectives, and requirements of each customer.

Success Stories

A secure box protects a strong lock covered in untainted circuitry from the chaotic, unknown circuitry that surrounds it


We provide a proactive approach to your business’ safety resulting in a well-designed architecture that addresses all aspects of security.

A worker transcribes sensitive information from paper to laptop; an overlay of tech imagery creates a sense of vulnerability

Risk Management

We plan, implement, audit, monitor, and manage each of our security solutions. Ongoing support reduces risk and keeps your data or network secure.

A smiling business manager stands holding a laptop in front of inviting workspaces featuring computers and office ephemera

Business Efficiency

We do what we do well so you can do what you do better. Our dedicated support team frees you to focus on managing your business.

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