Our New All-Encompassing Security Stack

There is no such thing as too much protection when it comes to data privacy and technology security. That is why the IT professionals at Systems Integration have developed an all-new security stack.

Our approach follows the Cybersecurity Framework established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. The products and services in each cybersecurity category offer specific protection, and when bundled together, your critical business and employee data are safe and secure from even the most complex cyber-attacks.

Protection Through and Through

From security vulnerability assessments to protecting you from phishing campaigns, Systems Integration’s team of detail-oriented IT experts meticulously and strategically bundled our new security offerings to provide your business with the highest levels of security possible. Here is how we help your company stay safe:

  • Assessments: Network, Security, and Office365 Assessment, Internal and External Security Vulnerabilities testing, and the creation of client-specific knowledgebase (documentation)
  • Security strategy, policy, and process consultation
  • Asset management, proactive monitoring, alerting, and reporting
  • Continuous Security Training: a well-educated and trained workforce is a crucial component to a robust security strategy
  • Compliance Training: best practices for adhering to compliance regulations to keep data secure and avoid fines and penalties
  • Web Security and DNS Filtering: enforce Acceptable Use Policy to prevent phishing and ransomware attempts
  • Mobile Security: control mobile devices and add a layer of security to protect against malicious wireless networks and application vulnerabilities
  • Data Protection: protect sensitive business data and proprietary information with encryption
  • Password Management: automate password protection and securely store, manage, and retrieve passwords
  • Email Security: layer email security into Office365 or on-premise email servers to prevent threats from entering the network
  • Hardware and Software Defense: Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), anti-virus, email signatures, patch management, email/spam protection, and more
  • Network Defense: firewall and backup/disaster recovery
  • End-User Defense: phishing training and education, phishing protection, password protection, dark web/search defense
  • Monitoring: we take control with proactive threat hunting and comb through your endpoints to search for indicators of compromise
  • Endpoint Security: the last line of defense against incoming malware — we discover and remediate threats
  • Continuous Email Security
  • Ensured Overall Security: malicious threats, hardware health, vulnerability testing, managed detection and response, penetration testing
  • Compliance: HIPAA, FINRA, Sarbanes Oxley
  • Endpoint Security and EDR: provide continuous monitoring, analysis, investigation, and alerting across endpoints to detect and prevent threats — auto-isolate endpoints that show signs of an attack to stop the spread of malware
  • Unified Threat Management: security of a network by a combination of capabilities, such as firewall, anti-virus, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention
  • Response Plan: remote monitoring and remediation, managed detection and response, and mitigation
  • Backup: protection against accidental deletion or data overwrites — cloud backup safeguards data and allows quick recovery of individual files and folders
  • SaaS Backup
  • Disaster Recovery Plan: we reduce the cost of downtime due to IT interruptions and get your company back up-and-running quickly
  • High Availability: these solutions enable the re-routing of production data to a duplicate environment in the event of a system failure

Get Peace of Mind and Secure Your Business

With over 60 tools (and growing) to achieve the above, Systems Integration makes sure your business does not miss a beat. You have worked hard for your business’ success — opening yourself up to hackers, breaches, and other harmful threats can set you back. It is essential to protect what you have built. And with our full security stack bundle, those threats do not stand a chance. Contact the IT experts at Systems Integration to protect your company’s digital assets today.

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